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Director of Life Sciences
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Libby Dioli
Office Pooch

Libby is a mature mix-breed. She was given her name by Cat Dioli when she first arrived at the Dioli family home as a tiny puppy.

Ever faithful, Libby visits the office each day with Art, who is hands-down her favorite person in the whole world, though she likes everyone who happens to have an available dog treat for her.

A resourceful pooch, Libby regularly does the rounds in the office, asking for treats with soulful eyes that suggest how sad she is that she has not had a morsel for sooooooo long (though in reality, it's probably only 15 minutes max since her previous tidbit).

She is quiet and rests a lot, and only barks if the regular UPS, FedEx and mail delivery people forget to give her attention or a snack. She also occasionally barks at a passing dog, but only because she wants to play!

She doesn’t care too much for her regular grooming schedule, though everyone around her appreciates it when she is clean and smells only of shampoo!

All in all, she is a valuable asset to the OL+ office. With her sweet demeanor, she entertains and brings a smile to the faces of team-members, and melts the hearts of all visitors!