40+ years

Over thirty-five years ago Architects John Olson and Randy Lewis combined their drafting tools and opened the doors of the firm.

Their first office location was in John’s living room on the North Shore. As partner Randy Lewis recalled, “John said when we began that the world didn’t need another Cambridge architecture firm. From the beginning, they set themselves apart, working in places where they made a visible impact.

“John and Randy were considerably influenced by the post-modern movement, and their interest in preservation,” wrote the Boston Globe architecture critic Robert Campbell, who studied at the Harvard Graduate School of Design along with the founding partners.

1980  John T. Olson Architect
Johns starts the firm in his living room on the North Shore
hospitality | residential

1980 Olson Lewis Architects
John and Randy combine drafting tools and open the doors to Olson Lewis Architects
hospitality | residential  | life science

1982 Olson Lewis Architects
Now with a staff of 4, John and Randy move into a their new offices in Beverly Farms
hospitality | residential  | life science

1984 Olson Lewis Architects
The firm outgrows it offices and moves once again, this time to Manchester-by-the-sea.
Art Dioli joins the firm
hospitality | residential  | life science | education

1993 Olson Lewis Architects
Chris Doktor joins the firm

1994 Olson Lewis & Dioli Architects
Art Dioli is made partner

2000 Olson Lewis & Dioli Architects
Michele Brooks joins the firm

2003 Olson Lewis Dioli & Doktor Architects
Chris Doktor is made partner

2005 Olson Lewis Dioli & Doktor Architects
The firm celebrates its 25th Anniversary with a blow-out gala night at the recently completed clubhouse at 
Turner Hill, designed by John!

2009 Olson Lewis Dioli & Doktor Architects
Michele Brooks is made Senior Associate

2010 Olson Lewis Dioli & Doktor Architects
Steve Scapicchio joins the firm

2011 Olson Lewis Dioli & Doktor Architects
Seth Morrissey joins the firm

2012 OLSON LEWIS + Architects
Another name change, this time to honor the founding members +

2016 OLSON LEWIS + Architects
Randy retires to play his banjo and spend time with family 

2017 OLSON LEWIS + Architects
Sadly for the whole OL+ team, Randy, one of the founding partners, passes away

2018 OLSON LEWIS + Architects
Seth Morrissey is made Associate / Lab Planner

2018 OLSON LEWIS + Architects
Michele Brooks is made Principal / Director of Life Sciences

2020 OLSON LEWIS + Architects
John Harden joins the firm as Principal

2020 OLSON LEWIS + Architects
Steve Scapicchio is made Associate

2021 OLSON LEWIS + Architects
John Harden is made Partner