proceeding with caution, diligence, & optimism

proceeding with caution, diligence, & optimism

Governor Charlie Baker Orders
All Non-Essential Businesses To Cease In-Person Operation,
Directs the Department of Public Health to Issue a Stay at Home Advisory For Two Weeks

As directed by Governor Charlie Baker and in the spirit of supporting our local community, OLSON LEWIS + Architects will fully transition all of our staff to a work-from-home environment. We want to let you know that despite our lack of physical presence in the office, we are fully engaged in projects, collaborating with each other and our clients, and maintaining our high level of service and performance.

We understand that this is a challenging time for everyone. It is difficult to adapt to the changes that are happening all around us. Our primary concern is for the health of our staff and the health of the community at large. We ask that everyone heed the advisory and spend this unusual time focusing on their families and loved ones so that we can all emerge from this situation safely.

While our office will be empty for the moment, we will be receiving mail, answering the phones remotely and responding to all of your emails. OL+ has implemented remote meeting capabilities for all of our employees and as a tool for our clients. We encourage you all to use this tool in order to maintain communication and to stay connected. This is when we need it the most.

We typically view our practice as an opportunity to help others, by providing our skills to those who need them. As members of the North Shore community, we care about our impact on the places where we both work and live. Please be patient, and know that we are here if you need us.

We will all get through this together.